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One Heart One Love Lyrics: Say, 'I love you', babe / Queen of my soul, oh / I just want to tell / That I love you, babe, oh / I'm putting my heart in your hands / What.
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Marvin can not hold Mr. Perry in the hollow of his hand.

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Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Release Date February 10, The crimson eyes that look at him now, with so much and so little, confirm his every thought. Even if he did love Eijirou, even if he did believe that the boy all those years ago wasnt his one and only love, he still doesnt deserve this boy with the red hair, soft pout, tan skin-. Yeah, just distracted. Eijirou had no right looking so soft and concerned. Never better! Those stupid thoughts really got to him. He also would have been mortified if it had, so.

Fucking nerd.

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The pair basically raced to the arcade, just near campus. Being third years now, they had certain limitations as to where off campus they could go without telling anyone- the arcade was one of them. A few hours, many coins, and outrageous amounts of laughter later, they left. Eijirou offered to buy him dinner, and who was Katsuki to refuse. They were walking towards the ramen place they always loved to go to.

Okay, nothing was wrong then.

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Do you remember, uh. Going on any particularly cool vacations when you were younger? I forgot about it for a long time until I was looking over these pictures, but, if I remember right, he was visiting Chiba for the summer with his family, yeah? But he and I somehow latched onto one another from then on. All summer, it was just him and I against the world!

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But then, well. He went back to wherever he was from- he never told me, and I never asked. Too young to care, honestly. And my dumbass, having forgotten all of this until recently, didn't really connect any dots when- Well uh. Looking through those photos That boy he couldn't remember The one Katsuki has always claimed to have stolen his heart That boy was Eijirou?

His best friend? The current love of his fucking life. Because what the fuck? What the fuck! It took a few more short, breathless bits of laughter before Katsuki was coherent enough to speak fully. Both of them had wide, panicked eyes, now. For very different reasons, sure, but both very panicked. Forget it!? Katsuki tried his best to convey how much he wished, hoped, and wanted Eijirou to just drop it but Eijirou was somehow more stubborn in this moment, ultimately winning. I love you.

One Heart One Love

Yes, romantically you fucking idiot. God knows why. Beautifully done, if you asked Katsuki himself. You love me , or you love the boy you met all those summers ago? I didn't know he was you, but Yeah, fucking shit.

Both, I guess? The look Eijirou gave him in return wouldve had him cracking up again had it been any other situation. Why did the red head look angry now; oh shit he was stomping over and-. Katsuki did not flinch, okay? But he did close his eyes. Katsuki, look at me, you dumbass.

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A look of confusion took over, because, well, what? But only since- well.